Kilometers of Road Proficiency

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Roads and Equipment EAD is a company with more than 50 years of experience in general repairs, maintenance, rehabilitation and reconstruction of road infrastructure.  
Roads and Equipment EAD has been successfully carrying out the following activities:
  • design and construction
  • modernization, repair and maintenance of roads and streets, road facilities and pavements
  • winter maintenance, snow removal and sanding of streets
  • repair and maintenance of passable installation collectors
  • production of asphalt mixtures and quarry materials
  • organization of research and development, investment, design and construction, implementation, production and commercial activities and application of new technologies in the field of road repair and road reconstruction


Roads and Equipment EAD operates a concrete plant, an asphalt plant for production of warm asphalt-concrete mixtures in Sofia and a quarry for extraction of aggregates in the village of Gradets, Kostinbrod municipality.

The company uses its own modern transport and specialized construction equipment: dumpers and container trucks, fuel tanks, autocranes and motor workshops, excavators, asphalt spreaders, road milling machines, compacting equipment, blade graders, front loaders and bulldozers – these are part of the machinery used in the execution of various projects.

Through competent management of human and material resources, Roads and Equipment EAD has provided a complete technological cycle of production.

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